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Father of George Wharton born about 1600 in Redenhall, Norfolk, England

For many years I have pondered who the father at the top of this branch is. His brother was called Martin Wharton born in Redenhall, Norfolk who also had land in Cambridge. Martin was born in about 1548. The only details are from Martin's will in 1606 where he left his neice and nephew some money to be paid from his "brother Wharton's debt" Locating this vital information could then provide the important link that shows this branch of Wharton's come from Westmorland which is most probable and likely. His date of birth is an estimate based on his children's ages and no records have been found. He could possibly have links in Cambrdige as well and possibly could have married there.
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Parents of Martin Wharton born in 1548, Redenhall, Norfolk, England

Martin was born in about 1548 in Redenhall, Norfolk and he married his wife Jone in Cambrdige in 1554. He also owned land in Cambrdige. I have no parents details for him which would be a vital link to progress this branch even further back and possibly then go on to link them all to the Wharton's in Westmorland.
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