Research Guidelines

The purpose of this study is to track the surname of Wharton throughout history. In doing so, we will be able to see how our ancestors have migrated throughout the world at certain points in time. Once there is a substantial amount of research, it will also hopefully point to the origins of where the name came from. I will firstly focus on the UK but I also intend to expand my research to other areas such as the USA, Canada and Australia.

It is documented that the majority of the Wharton's in the United Kingdom are most probably related to Sir Thomas Wharton of Wharton Hall. However, there will of course be anomolies to this where sometimes the name has been taken from a place name - such as Warton in Lancashire for example. The Surname Database website states "Wharton in Cheshire and Hertfordshire are derived from an Olde English pre 7th Century river name Woefer, from "woefre" meaning wandering or winding plus "tun", settlement. Wharton in Lincolnshire has as it's first element the Olde English "wearde" meaning beacon or "warod", shore, bank, plus "tun". Finally, Wharton in Cumberland is derived from the Olde English "hwearf" meaning wharf or embankment, plus "tun".

On the Wikipedia page about the peerage of Baron Wharton it refers to the first time the peerage was ever granted. It says "The Wharton knighthood dates from 6 October 1292 when King Edward I granted to Gilbert de Querton "the Manor of Querton with its appurtenances." A descendant of Gilbert de Querton is the above mentioned Sir Thomas Wharton who is known as the "1st Baron Wharton".

How I Research and Collect Data
It is of great importance that this study relies on researched sources for each entry made. Whilst I am ever grateful for help and assistance of Wharton researcher's who send me their own research and notes, I will always ensure that before relying on anything provided to me by other researchers, to check the validity of the sources. I usually use anything given to me as a guide and then seek the original data first before making any amendments to my entries. This will ensure that the information available on this website is always factually correct. However, I am only human and sometimes I do make mistakes so if you do spot any glaring errors such as the wrong families linked or dates that do not add up, please do let me know. I will try to transcribe from the images rather than the transcrptions where I can. It is a daunting and laborious task and will mean that there will be many duplicates added as I enter the information, but this should lead to fewer errors and hopefully locating information that might uncover brick walls for not just myself but other researchers too. Overtime I can then link up all the duplicated date in order to create individual family units that link back through history.

I have access to Ancestry and Find My Past Websites as well as other data collections and I will work on each indivdual databases within them to extract all the relevant Wharton data I can find. This does not include any researcher's personal family trees and I will never copy someone else's personal research. This can lead to a duplication of errors of which I do not want to replicate in my own research. Of course, many researchers have done amazing work with their own family history, so I will use them as a guide sometimes in order to check my own research. If I notice that another fellow researcher has something that might be useful for me to use in this study, I will always ask first before using anything (such as photographs etc). Any documents/photographs that has been given to me will always be credited to the person who provided them to me (and I am forever grateful for any donations!).

How You Can Help
If you have researched the name Wharton and have data that you can provide please write to me at and I can review the data and submit it to this collection. It would also be of great assistance if you could send me copies of any registration certificates you have (see below) as this can be costly and will save me money if I need to order any for verification purposes.

Registration Certificates
If you have birth, death or marriage certificates that you have ordered in your own research I would be grateful if you could send me copies so I can add them here. If you would like to donate copies of your certificates please email them to will always ensure you are given the credit once they are uploaded.

My Own Personal Research
My personal family tree research personal website can be found at I have also uploaded my own gedcom to this one-name study site as well so you will be able to look it up here too. However, my own personal website has more indepth biography's of many of my ancestors. I have only just begun this one-name study so have a long way to go, if you would like to get in touch with me then please use the contact page and feel free to ask me any questions.