Probate Transcription Index: 1920 to 1939

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1920 Entries

WHARTON Albert of 34 Fox Street Hollinwood Lancashire died 28 December 1919 at the Infirmary 449 Rochdale Road Oldham Administration London 27 January 1920 to Henrietta Wharton widow. Effects £496 8s

WHARTON Alfred of Caistor Saint Edmund Norfolk died 22 June 1920 at Mautby Norfolk Probate Norwich 22 July 1920 to William Wharton farmer. Effects £4327 3s

WHARTON Caroline of 96 Rhodes Street Holloway Middlesex (wife of William Wharton) died 12 October 1905 at Leslie Street Holloway Administration (with Will) London 12 November 1920 to Charles Henry Wharton warehouseman. Effects £369 9s. 3d

WHARTON Charles Henry of Eldon House Cleckheaton Spenborough Yorkshire died 28 July I919 at the Infirmary Doncaster Probate London 2 March 1920 to John William Wharton licensed victualler. Effects £1693 6s

WHARTON Charles Henry of Queen Street Chesterfield Derbyshire died 16 February 1920 Administration (with Will) London 19 May 1920 to Salome Wharton. Effects £947

WHARTON Edward James of 88 Hamilton Road Wimbledon Surrey died 20 May 1920 Administration London 21 June 1920 to Frederick Ernest Wharton bank clerk. Effects £183 14s. 2d

WHARTON Frances Sophia of 391 Mansfield Road Nottingham widow died 1 October 1920 at 3 Elm Grove Terrace St. Davids Exeter Probate Nottingham 2 November 1920 to George Leslie Wharton manufacturer’s agent and Arthur George Dickins solicitor. Effects £7913 0s. 7d

WHARTON Frank of 19 Camberwell Road Camberwell Surrey died 3 April 1920 Administration London 2 June 1920 to Kate Wharton widow. Effects £165 1s

WHARTON Frank Amos of Grafton House Grafton Road Keighley Yorkshire died 15 July 1920 Administration London 21 August 1920 to Annie Wharton widow. Effects £3909 12s. 8d.

WHARTON Frederick of 29 Upper Hill Street Stourbridge Worcestershire spade tree maker died 27 June 1919 Administration Worcester 17 March 1920 to Minnie Wharton widow. Effects £120

WHARTON Hannah of 17 Clarence Street Barnoldswick Yorkshire (wife of Frederick Wharton) died 5 April 1920 Administration London 17 June 1920 to the said Frederick Wharton weaver. Effects £67 10s

WHARTON James of Tan House Northowram Halifax died 22 March 1920 Probate London 10 April 1920 to Martha Ann Wharton widow. Effects £110

WHARTON James Henry of 16 Cleveland Street Stourbridge Worcestershire died 10 February 1920 Probate Worcester 2 March 1920 to Sydney Herbert Wheeler mercantile clerk. Effects £90 16s. 2d

WHARTON John Warwick of Manica 52 Richmond Park Avenue Bournemouth died 30 January 1920 Probate London 15 March 1920 to Emily Catherine Wharton widow. Effects £2491 11s.

WHARTON Margaret of 30 Stirling Road South Acton Middlesex widow died 27 November 1919 Probate London 7 February 1920 to Alfred George Stone tobacconist. Effects £522 10s

WHARTON Michael of Pear Tree House Old Cornforth West Cornforth county Durham died 20 May 1920 Probate Durham 29 July 1920 to Sarah Fenwick Wharton widow. Effects £546 3s. 2

WHARTON Rebecca of 4 Middleton Villas Clyde-street Kingston-upon-Hull (wife of John Wharton) died 19 December 1919 at 11 Greek Street Kingston-upon-Hull Probate York 4 February 1920 to Richard Wilson engine driver. Effects £214 6s. 3d

WHARTON Rose of 50 Winifred Road Apsley End Hemel Hempsted Hertfordshire (wife of William Wharton) died 18 March I920 Administration London 14 May 1920 to the said William Wharton retired miller. Effects £229 0s. 4d

WHARTON Sarah of 27 Mount Parade Lowestoft widow died 30 December 1919 Probate London 17 March 1920 to Richard Worthington medical practitioner and Elizabeth Emma Utting widow. Effects £6760 14s. 8d

WHARTON Thomas of 13 Lower Hillmorton Road Rugby Warwickshire died 30 September 1920 Administration London 29 November 1920 to Rosina Wharton widow. Effects £680 0s. 3d<

WHARTON William of 84 Sandford Grove Road Sheffield died 2 January 1920 Probate London 4 February 1920 to Charlotte Elizabeth Jane Wharton widow. Effects £6591 0s. 1d

WHARTON William of 30 Fairmead Road Middlesex died 10 December 1919 at the Great Northern Hospital Holloway Road Middlesex Administration London 11 September 1920 to Emily Wharton widow. Effects £369 9s. 3d

WHARTON William of 96 Rhodes Street Holloway Middlesex died 5 November I918 at the lslington Infirmary Highgate Middlesex Administration London 22 October 1920 to Charles Henry Wharton grocer's warehouseman. Effects £5

1921 Entries

WHARTON Elizabeth of Camp Road Mary Port Cumberland widow died 1 November 1920 Probate London 25 May 1921 to Eleanor Dodgson (wife of Gordon Dodgson) and Josephine Clark (wife of Francis William Clark). Effects £7862 7s. 10d.

WHARTON Emmeline of Ashover Derbyshire spinster died 16 April 1921 Administration Derby 18 June 1921 to Mary Aime Wharton spinster. Elfects £2032 4s. 1d.

WHARTON George Wilfrid of Woodend Terrace Tebay Westmorland died 30 October 1920 at Culgaith Cumberland Administration London 16 August 1921 to William John Wharton coal merchant. Effects £192 13s. 2d.

WHARTON Hugh of 56 Park Road North Birkenhead retired sanitary inspector died 29 August 1918 Probate Chester 7 January 1921 to the Public Trustee. Effects £4107 0s. 11d.

WHARTON Jane of 13 Alexandra-street Heywood Lancashire spinster died 7 November 1917 Administration Manchester 12 July 1921 to Elizabeth Alice Spence (wife of Alexander Spence). Effects £39 5s. 9d

WHARTON John of Orton Westmorland retired yeoman died 10 January 1921 Probate Carlisle 8 February 1921 to James Wharton shoemaker. Effects £625 7s. 8d.

WHARTON John of Bramham Yorkshire died 10 August 1920 Probate London 18 October 1921 to John Robert Wharton plumber and Ernest Moorhouse postman. Effects £1185 5s. 7d.

WHARTON Letitia Charlotte Julia of Tregeana Taunton spinster died 14 February 1921 Administration (with Will) Dublin to Elizabeth Sarah Armstrong Robinson widow. Effects £154 19s. 9d. in England. Sealed London 16 September 1921.

WHARTON Lilian of 8 Cambrian Road Chester spinster died 13 November 1921 at the Royal In?rmary Chester Administration Chester 13 December 1921 to Joseph Wharton retired telegraph lineman. Effects £408 10s. 9d.

WHARTON Mary of 22 Reed Street Burnley (wife of Thomas Wharton) died 15 December 1918 Administration Lancaster 12 May 1921 to the said Thomas Wharton retired grocer. Effects £49.

WHARTON Mary Jane of 19 Salisbury Road Chorlton-cum-Hardy Manchester widow died 22 October 1920 Probate London 26 February 1921 to Thomas Richard Wharton cashier and Ethel Cottrill (wife of George Frederick Cottrill). Effects £9085 17s. 8d.

WHARTON Mary Sarah of Aberford House Aberford Leeds spinster died 11 August 1921 Probate Wakefield 14 October 1921 to Mary Dorothea Darwin (wife of Charles Waring Darwin). Effects £29505 5s. 9d.

WHARTON Percy Hamilton of 41 Vancouver Road Forest Hill Kent and of 24 Thavies Inn London died 27 February 1921 at South Western Hospital Stockwell Surrey Administration London 25 June 1921 to Gladys Wharton widow. Effects £2332 35. Resworn £2032 3s.

WHARTON Sarah Hannah of 9 Wesley Street Royton Lancashire (wife of Haigh Wharton) died 8 April 1921 Administration Manchester 26 May to the said Haigh Wharton moulders foreman. Effects £18686 8s. 10d.

WHARTON Smith of 20 Grosvenor Street Stalybridge Cheshire died 13 September 1921 at the District Infirmary Ashton-under-Lyne Lancashire Administration London 15 October 1921 to Jemima Wharton widow. Effects £293 7s. 4d.

WHARTON Susannah of Ingrow Lane Ingrow Keighlely Yorkshire widow died 9 April 1921 at School House Eldwick Bingley Yorkshire Probate London 21 May 1921 to Ellis Wharton builder. Effects £3121 2s. 5d.

WHARTON Walter of 60 Harehills Avenue Chapeltown Leeds died 12 January 1921 at the General Infirmary Leeds Probate Wakefield 8 February 1921 to Mary Ann Wharton widow. Effects £183 5s.

WHARTON William of 23 Durham Road Leadgate county Durham died 27 January 1921 Probate Durham 23 February 1921 to Mary Hannah Wharton spinster and Elizabeth Murrie widow. Effects £570.

WHARTON William of The Links Hinstock near Market Drayton Shropshire died 22 July 1921 Administration London 12 November 1921 to William Wharton farmer. Effects £683 15s. 5d.

1922 Entries

WHARTON Clarence Bert Stanton of Rio Grands do Norte Brazil died 10 April 1922 at the Nursing Home Grosvenor House Grosvenor Square Southampton Probate London 22 May 1922 to Thomas Flux merchant. Effects £879 8s. 9d.

WHARTON Elizabeth of 35 Hartingdon Grove Hill Road Cambridge widow died 29 January 1922 at the Evelyn Nursing Home Trumpington Road Cambridge Probate London 31 March 1922 to Sarah Amelia French spinster. Effects £2389 12s. 3d.

WHARTON Emily Catherine of Manica 52 Richmond Park Avenue Bournemouth widow died 8 April I922 Probate London 8 July 1922 to Herbert Charles Wharton photographer and William Alfred Wharton clerk. Effects £1515.

WHARTON Emma of Clopton House Gosport Hampshire widow died 31 January 1922 Probate London 23 March 1922 to John Henry Turner Wharton solicitor and Enid Chandler (wife of Edward Chandler). Effects £391 9s.

WHARTON Emma of The Holmes Thornton Preston Lancashire spinster died 17 October 1922 Administration Lancaster 1 November 1922 to William Wharton retired grocer. Effects £37711s. 11d.

WHARTON George of Netherton House Glapwell Chesterfield Derbyshire died 10 May 1922 Probate London 1 September 1922 to Thomas Edward Haslam secretary and John Arthur Wostenholm cashier. Effects £9941 1s. 11d.

WHARTON Hugh of Kingscliffe Ellington Park Ramsgate died 21 October 1922 Probate London 28 November 1922 to the Reverend Edgar Wharton clerk and Frederic Charles Greville-Smith solicitor. Effects £22145 4s. 5d.

WHARTON James of The Poplars Guildford Lane Danesmoor near Clay Cross Derbyshire died 18 September 1922 Probate London 15 December to George Elliott retired fitter Harriett Lily Gains (wife of Henry Gains) and Mary Catherine Wharton spinster. Effects £1471 10s. 2d.

WHARTON Jane Elizabeth of 83 Station Road Hampton Middlesex (wife of Walter Wharton) died 24 August 1921 at the Royal Hospital Richmond Surrey Probate London 21 July 1922 to Thomas Henry Keyes motor coach proprietor. Effects £1440 15s. 1d.

WHARTON Louisa Ellen of 4 Ballygate Street Beccles Suffolk spinster died 21 May 1922 Administration (with Will) London 17 June 1922 to Caroline Wharton widow. Effects £176 3s. 2d.

WHARTON Mary of Myrtle Bank Cowpasture Road Ilkley Yorkshire spinster died 3 May 1922 Probate Wakefield 23 May 1922 to Emma Wharton spinster Joseph Arnold Darnbrough insurance agent and Donald Arthur Worseman Wharton shop assistant. Effects £466 5s. 3d.

WHARTON Mary Ann of 9 Wilsons Yard off High-street Skipton Yorkshire (wife of George Henry Wharton) died 1 March 1922 at the General In?rmary Leeds Administration London 20 April 1922 to the said George Henry Wharton painter. Effects £36 4s. 3d.

WHARTON Mary Ann of Ashover Derbyshire widow died 5 July 1922 Probate London 20 September 1922 to Walter Wharton farmer and Alfred Slack solicitor. Effects £285 10s. 11d.

WHARTON Thomas of 3 Vernon Avenue Raynes Park Surrey died 28 March 1922 at 76 Eridge Road Croydon Surrey Administration London 12 April 1922 to Frances Wharton widow. Effects £89.

WHARTON Thomas Richard of Bridlington Yorkshire died 23 March 1922 Probate York 7 July 1922 to Frank Lineham coal merchant and James Robert Fowler confectioner. Effects £16300 6s. 3d.

WHARTON William of Fernville Desborough Street High Wycombe Buckinghamshire chair manufacturer and coal merchant died 5 September 1922 Probate Oxford 22 November 1922 to Jane Wharton widow and William George Wharton chair manufacturer. Effects £4126 4s. 10d.

WHARTON The Reverend William Philip Nicholas John of 4 Laygate Place South Shields clerk died 1 April 1922 Probate Durham 10 May to Ada Alexandra Ophelia Wharton spinster Robert Burrell solicitor Eric Francis Aylmer Arrnbrister bank manager and Richard Keenlyside joiner. Effects £766 3s. 4d.

1923 Entries

WHARTON Albert Arthur of 68 George Street Bedford died 30 November 1922 at the County Hospital Bedford Probate Northampton 13 January 1923 to Rosetta Elizabeth Wharton widow. Effects £390.

WHARTON Alice of 138 Wash Cottages Wharton Lane Little Hulton Lancashire widow died 15 August 1923 Probate Manchester 1 September 1923 to John Howcroft formerly a coal miner and David Howcroft coal miner. Effects £391 11s. 7d

WHARTON Ann of 5 back of 24 Bordesley Park Road Small Heath Birmingham (wife of James Wharton) died 11 June 1923 Administration Birmingham 20 July 1923 to the said James Wharton timberman. Effects £125 16s. 9d.

WHARTON Annie of 17 Granville Road Saint Albans Hortiortlshirb widow died 3 July 1923 Probate London 27 July 1923 to Maud Millicent Wharton spinster. Effects £103 2s. 7d.

WHARTON Eliza Annis of 69 Parliament Road Ipswich Suffolk spinster died 15 November 1922 Administration London 7 March 1923 to Rebecca Wharton widow. Effects £151 13s. 5d

WHARTON Emily Frances of 79 Haworth Street Newland Kingston-upon-Hull widow died 17 July 1921 Administration London 3 December 1923 to George William Marshall clerk. Effects £140 3s.

WHARTON Hannah of Ashtead Whinfell Westmorland widow died 13 March 1923 Probate Carlisle 27 July 1923 to Thomas Wharton and James Wood farmers. Effects £4805 11s. 11d.

WHARTON Herbert of 4 Duke Street Blackpool died 20 November 1922 Administration London 24 February 1923 to Edith Ellen Wharton widow. Effects £390 7s.

WHARTON Hugh Holt of Holmes Chapel Cheshire died 27 June 1923 Administration London 18 October 1923 to Mary Wharton widow. Effects £969 18s. 2d.

WHARTON James of 38 Bow Street Middlesbrough died 18 December 2922 Administration London 1 February 1923 to Arthur Wharton compositor. Effects £126 19s. 5d.

WHARTON Joanna of Turnbank Heckmondwike Yorkshire widow died 9 August 1923 Probate Wakefield 10 September 1923 to Gertrude Mary Wharton spinster and Helen Firth Walker (wife of Edgar Walker). Effects £407 15s. 8d.

WHARTON John of Church House Farm Samlesbury near Preston Lancashire died 6 April 1922 Probate London 8 March 1923 to Catherine Wharton widow and Harry Wharton horesman. Effects £556 16s. 7d.

WHARTON Margaret of 30 Stirling Road South Acton Middlesex widow died 27 November 1919 Probate London 2 May 1923 to Wilfred George Wharton postman. Effects £84 4s. Former Grant P.R. February 1920.

WHARTON Martha Ann of 30 Jodrell Street New Mills Derbyshire (wife of William Henry Wharton) died 16 May 1923 Administration London 20 June 1923 to the said William Henry Wharton stone mason. Effects £292 6s. 9d.

WHARTON Mary of 15 Pretoria Avenue Morpeth Northumberland (wife of Harry Wharton) died 14 November 1921 Administration Newcastle-upon-Tyne 4 July 1923 to the said Harry Wharton post office clerk. Effects ££95.

WHARTON Mary Jane of 9 Byron Street Rochdale widow died 13 November 1923 at Birch Hill Hospital Rochdale Administration London 28 November 1923 to Sidney George Wharton cotton piecer. Effects £42 1s. 1Id.

WHARTON Matilda Mary of West Point Parkestone Dorsetshire spinster died 17 July 1923 Probate London 20 August 1923 to Walter Robert Buchanan Riddell esquire. Effects £14047 11s. 4d.

WHARTON Michael of Wolsingham county Durham died 9 July 1923 Probate Durham 18 August 1923 to William Wharton joiner and Ellen Iley Wharton spirister. Effects £892 3s. 5d.

WHARTON Septimus of Skelsmergh Cottage St. Pauls Road Mirfield Yorkshire died 26 May 1923 at the School House Wilshaw near Meltham Yorkshire Probate London 3 September 1923 to Ernest John Wharton architect. Effects £1370 10s. 2d.

WHARTON Thomas of 75 Vernon Street Bolton Lancashire died 14 September 1922 Probate London 21 February 1923 to Susannah Wharton spinster. Effects £410 16s. 10d.

WHARTON Thomas of Uppertown Wolsingham county Durham died 9 October 1923 Administration Durham 24 October 1923 to John Wharton labourer. Effects £382 15s.

WHARTON Thomas Hall of Sheringham Norfolk died 12 December 1922 at Surrey Street Norwich Probate Norwich 21 February to Arthur Wharton and John Wharton farmers and Herbert Wharton engineer. Effects £8269 18s. 10d.

WHARTON William of The Holmes Holmes Road Thornton Lancashire died 30 August 1923 Probate London 15 December 1923 to Clara Radcliffe (wife of John Stephen Radcliffe) and George Wharton caterer. Effects £6475 7s. 7d.

WHARTON William Henry of Station House Urmston Lancashire died 16 January 1923 Administration Manchester 23 February 1923 to Ellen Wharton widow. Effects ££203 13s.

1924 Entries

WHARTON Agnes of 24 Kelsey Street Lancaster spinster died 11 December 1923 Probate Lancaster 11 January 1924 to Henry Concanon joint general manager of the White Star Line and George Wharton rating surveyor. Effects £298 16s. 6d.

WHARTON Caroline of 31 Greville Road Kilburn Middlesex widow died 21 October 1924 Probate London 23 December 1924 to Leonard Cyril Wharton civil servant. Effects £868 7s. 10d.

WHARTON Charlotte Stanton of 96 Abingdon Road Oxford widow died 18 November 1924 at the Acland Home Oxford Probate Oxford 15 December 1924 to Alfred Henry Ballard auctioneer. Effects £474 10s. 7d.

WHARTON Deborah Chambers of Glenberis Hunstanton Saint Edmunds Norfolk widow died 15 January 1924 Probate Norwich 5 April 1924 to Raymond Wharton farmer. Effects £1953 17s. 6d.

WHARTON James Herbert of Grafton House Grafton Road Keighley Yorkshire died 19 June 1924 at the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Nursing Home Park Road Nottingham Administration London 23 August 1924 to Doris Aline Wharton widow. Effects £18145 19s. 8d.

WHARTON John of Sleagill Morland Westmorland died 25 April 1924 Probate Carlisle 20 June 1924 to John Farrer and Frank Sarjeant farmers. Effects £3291 8s. 2d.

WHARTON John Harwood of 45 Hampton Road Stockton-on-Tees died 8 September 1924 at the Stockton and Thornaby Hospital Stockton-on-Tees Probate Durham 15 October 1924 to Thomas Wharton commercial clerk. Effects £565 14s. 7d.

WHARTON John Joseph of The Boat Inn Scarthin Matlock Bath Derbyshire died 11 June 1923 Administration London 4 February 1924 to George Wharton innkeeper. Effects £192.

WHARTON John William of The Cricketers’ Arms Hotel Baildon Green Yorkshire died 26 September 1924 Probate London 11 December 1924 to Ada Wharton widow Lewis Hodgson printer and Joseph Herbert Hodgson blacksmith. Effects £1432 10s. 7d.

WHARTON Martha of 131 Fore Street Edmonton Middlesex widow died 18 December 1923 Administration (with Will) London 22 February 1924 to Doris Martha Harriet Wilcox spinster. Effects £126 6s. 5d.

WHARTON Thomas of Cumrew How Mill Cumberland died 3 June 1923 Probate Carlisle 26 September to Mary Wharton widow. Effects £280 15s. 3d.

WHARTON William Davey of 37 Sheep Street Wellingborough Northamptonshire died 10 February 1924 Probate London 12 July 1924 to Mary Jane Wharton widow. Effects £1948 7s. 11d.

WHARTON William Henry of Wybunbury Cheshire died 24 December 1923 Administration (with Will) London 1 February 1924 to William Henry Wharton railway porter. Effects £288 18s. 3d.

1925 Entries

WHARTON Brian Kinsman of Rotherwood Darley Dale Derbyshire died 27 June 1925 at the Whitworth Hospital Darley Dale Administration London 14 August 1925 to Ernest Wharton railway official. Effects £501 10s.

WHARTON Charles Henry Theodore of 1 Clanricarde Mansions Clanricarde Gardens Notting Hill Gate Middlesex and of 31 John Street Bedford Row Middlesex died 19 March 1925 at 1 Clanricarde Mansions Probate London 4 May 1925 to Edith Burstell Wharton widow. Effects £16437 6s. 2d.

WHARTON Charles James of Prospect Villas 69 Rotherham Road Dinnington Rotherham Yorkshire died 22 September 1925 Administration Wakefield 7 December 1925 to Ann Kezia Wharton widow. Effects £327.

WHARTON Eliza Ann of 40 Seedley Road Pendleton Lancashire widow died 8 February 1925 Probate London 10 March 1925 to Peter Barlow joiner and builder and John Delhanty journeyman printer. Effects £296 9s. 5d

WHARTON Elizabeth of Front Street Orton Westmorland widow died 27 October 1925 Probate Carlisle 20 November 1925 to James Philip Wharton farmer. Effects £95 12s.

WHARTON Ellen of Portland Nursing Home Park Road Buxton widow died 30 April 1916 Administration (with Will) London 8 July 1925 to Elsie Martin Wharton spinster. Effects £932 17s. 6d. Former Grant P.R. July 1916.

WHARTON Emma Elizabeth of Peel Villas Thornton-le-Fylde near Preston Lancashire widow died 11 December 1924 at 230 Hornby Road Blackpool Administration Lancaster 16 April 1925 to William Wharton chemist and druggist. Effects £143 6s. 11d.

WHARTON Hannah of 2 Friendly Female Society's Almshouses Churnleigh Street Albany Road Camberwell Surrey spinster died 14 September 1924 at 5 Brunswick Square Camberwell Probate London 6 February 1925 to Charles Clarke civil servant and Florence Beatrice Hitchins spinster. Effects £1190 1s. 7d.

WHARTON John of 18 Keith Street Barrow-in-Furness Lancashire died 2 January 1925 Probate Lancaster 2 March 1925 to Thomas Creamer painter. Effects £693 4s. 8d.

WHARTON John of Front Street Wolsingharn county Durham died 24 March 1925 Administration Durham 22 April 1925 to John Wharton schoolmaster. Effects £387 1s. 4d.

WHARTON John of 122 Brighton Road Great Crosby near Liverpool died 16 September 1925 Probate Liverpool 5 October 1925 to Matilda Berry Reardon (wife of Horace Berry Reardon). Effects £41 17s.

WHARTON Margaret of Croft House Orton Westmorland spinster died 10 April 1925 Administration Carlisle 10 June 1925 to Lancelot Wharton retired farmer. Effects £582 3s. 6d. Revoked 13 August 1925.

WHARTON Margaret of Croft House Orton Westmorland spinster died 10 April 1925 Probate Carlisle 7 September 1925 to Lancelot Wharton retired farmer. Effects £582 3s. 6d.

WHARTON Mary of Sleagill Westmorland widow died 4 April 1925 at Tirril Westmorland Probate Carlisle 8 June 1925 to Frank Sarjeant joiner and farmer. Effects £237 18s. 7d.

WHARTON Mary of Bridlington Yorkshire (wife of Thomas Richard Wharton) died 1 February 1922 Administration London 30 December to Frank Lineham merchant and James Robert Fowler confectioner. Effects £1443 15s. 8d.

WHARTON Mary Anne of Grove House Ashover Derbyshire spinster died 21 November 1925 Probate London 30 December to George Walter Proctor seedsman Lilian Wharton and Alice Elliott Wharton spinsters. Effects £2139 11s. 2d.

WHARTON Mary Jane of Rock House New Brancepeth Colliery county Durham widow died 11 January 1925 Probate Durham 26 January 1925 to Isaac Bewley licensed victualler and Samuel Jeffrey coal miner. Effects £617 16s. 8d.

WHARTON Ruth Mary of Port of Spain Island of Trinidad and of Tobago spinster died 11 October 1924 at the Colonial Hospital Port of Spain Administration Port of Spain to Emma Rose Wharton widow. Effects £219 7s. 6d. in England. Sealed London 20 March 1925.

WHARTON Sarah Ann of 10 Brettell Lane Amblecote Staffordshire widow died 25 January 1925 Probate Lichfield 5 June 1925 to James Round licensed victualler and James Round (the younger) carpenter and joiner. Effects £110 14s. 5d.

WHARTON Sarah Hannah of 46 Woodview Road Hunslet Loads (wife of John Daly Wharton) died 7 January 1925 Probate Wakefield 2 March 1925 to Alfred Harper pattern maker and Dora Mellor (wife of Albert Mellor). Effects £147 14s. 7d.

WHARTON Stanley of 23 Greenbank Avenue Wallasey Cheshire died 29 July I925 at Church Road Tranmere Birkenhead Probate London 10 August to Violet Quayle spinster. Effects £196 16s. 10d.

WHARTON Titus of 58 Ollerton Road East Retford Nottinghamshire died 12 October 1925 Administration Nottingham 13 November 1925 to John Thomas Wharton agent. Effects £1576 10s. 4d.

1926 Entries

WHARTON Clement of 6 The Avenue Caldicot near Newport Monmouthshire died 8 April 1926 at the General Hospital Bristol Administration Llandaff 10 June 1926 to Eleanor Alice Wharton widow. Effects £588.

WHARTON Elizabeth Sophia Mytton of Skelton Castle Skelton-in-Cleveland Yorkshire (wife of William Henry Anthony Wharton) died 24 February 1926 Probate London 7 June 1926 to the said William Henry Anthony Wharton esquire. Effects £35200 11s. 3d.

WHARTON Ellen Elizabeth of 10 Marriott Street Monsall Harpurhey Manchester widow died 1 October 1926 Probate Manchester 20 October 1926 to Walter Joseph Newnes warehouseman. Effects £124 19s. 8d.

WHARTON Frederick Ernest of 100 Nimrod Road Streatham Surrey died 30 April 1926 Probate London 3 June 1926 to Annie May Wharton widow. Effects £330.

WHARTON The Reverend George of Radley College Abingdon Berkshire clerk died 23 December 1925 Administration London 19 February 1926 to Eleanor Maud Augusta Palin widow. Effects £7305 15s. 8d.

WHARTON George of Norwood House Norwich Road Thetford Norfolk died 24 February 1926 Probate Norwich 17 March 1926 to John Robert Wharton and Frederick George Wharton butchers. Effects £154 14s. 6d.

WHARTON George of Norwood House Norwich Road Thetford Norfolk died 24 February 1926 Probate Norwich 17 March 1926 to John Robert Wharton and Frederick George Wharton butchers. Effects £154 14s. 6d.

WHARTON Mary of 8 Church Lane Heckmondwike Yorkshire spinster died 15 March 1926 Probate London 29 April 1926 to Selina Sykes spinster. Effects £788 11s. 2d.

WHARTON Thomas of Mart Close Fawcett Forest Westmorland died 12 April 1926 at the Surgical Nursing Home Kendal Westmorland Probate Carlisle 25 August 1926 to Christopher Wharton and James Wood farmers. Effects £4031 5s. 4d.

WHARTON Titus of 24 Hawk's Terrace Reedley Hallows Lancashire died 6 April 1926 Probate Lancaster 27 July 1926 to Jonathan Taylor caretaker and Charles William Shutt accountant. Effects £466 14s. 2d.

1927 Entries

WHARTON Ada of 51 Mill Street Norton Yorkshire widow died 15 April 1927 Administration York 1 September 1927 to William Wharton farm labourer and Agnes Wharton spinster. Effects £102 5s. 11d.

WHARTON Annie of 124 Highfields North Wing?eld Chesterfield Derbyshire (wife of William Wharton) died 25 June 1927 Administration London 25 July 1927 to the said William Wharton miner. Effects £1088 16s. 6d.

WHARTON Charles Henry Marriott of Sandsend Bentley Road Higher Broughton Salford died 12 April 1927 at 25 Smedley Lane Cheetham Manchester Probate Manchester 9 May 1927 to Gertrude Muriel Wharton widow. Effects £383.

WHARTON Emily of 152 Lakey Lane Hall Green Birmingham widow died 4 February 1927 Probate Birmingham 17 March 1927 to Frank Harold Empson jeweller. Effects £246 12s. 11d.

WHARTON Emily of The Old Vicarage Pickering Yorkshire (wife of Tertius Wharton) died 23 March 1927 Probate London 5 May 1927 to the said Tertius Wharton bank manager. Effects £9682 4s. 6d.

WHARTON Ernest Vincent of Cymric Llanaber Barmouth Merionethshire died 1 January 1927 Administration St. Asaph 30 June 1927 to Isabella Graham Wharton widow and Robert Lowe Brewster cloctrician. Effects £1600 14s. 5d.

WHARTON Harry of Norton Malton Yorkshire died 2 August 1926 Administration York 12 November 1927 to William 'Wharton labourer and Agnes Wharton spinster. Effects £81 1s. 11d.

WHARTON James Joseph of 70 Hinderton Road Birkenhead died 5 May 1927 at Woodside Station Birkenhead Probate Chester 20 June 1927 to William Stockton station foreman and Jemima Wharton widow. Effects £378 5s.

WHARTON John of 12 King’s Hall Road Beckenham Kent died 30 March 1927 at Field House Keele Road Newcastle-under-Lyme Staffordshire Probate London 15 June 1927 to Alfred Wharton buyer. Effects £1405 12s. 7d.

WHARTON Margaret of Mart Close Fawcett Forest near Kendal Wastmorland (wife of Christopher Wharton) died 28 April 1927 at the Westmorland County Hospital Kendal Administration Carlisle 3 October 1927 to the said Christopher Wharton farmer. Effects £333 5s. 7d.

WHARTON Richard Wilmer of Cremlyn Barmouth Merionethshire died 25 December 1926 Administration St. Asaph 5 July 1927 to Annie Wharton widow and Edith Hilda Wharton spinster. Effects £5571 1s.5d.

WHARTON Sidney of The Nook North Littleton near Evesham Worcestershire died 11 July 1927 at 239 Park-road Warley Worcestershire Administration Birmingham 26 July 1927 to Jemima Wharton widow. Effects £112 9s.

WHARTON Thomas of 21 Brooklands Road Burnlay died 26 September 1927 Probate London 15 October 1927 to Thomas Wharton printer Robert Wharton cabinet maker and Titus Wharton cashier. Effects £41147 8s. 1d.

1928 Entries

WHARTON Annie of Cremlyn Barmouth Merionethshire widow died 18 October 1927 Administration St. Asaph 21 January 1928 to Richard Barker Carey Wharton commercial traveller and Edith Hilda Wharton spinster. Effects £1355 13s.

WHARTON Anthony James of 153 Hessle Road Kingston-upon-Hull died 13 April 1928 Probate London 3 September 1928 to Emma Wharton widow. Effects £7051 11s. 1d.

WHARTON Catherine Hill of 5 Langdale Terrace Whitby spinster died 3 March 1928 Probate York 18 April to Lilian Catherine Scoresby-Jackson spinster and Reginald Frankland White solicitor. Effects £1821 3s. 8d.

WHARTON Dorothy of Holly Lodge Gretton Northamptonshire spinster died 19 January 1928 at Bolton Abbey Yorkshire Probate London 13 March to Mary Wharton widow and Amy Wharton spinster. Effects £847 15s. 5d.

WHARTON Eliza of 30 Gorton Sstreet Blackpool (wife of Matthew Wharton) died 20 June 1928 Probate London 15 August to Milfred Crosland clerk. Effects £953 10s. 2d.

WHARTON Elizabeth of 74 Portland Street Southport Lancashire widow died 1 October 1928 Probate London 20 October to William Hardacre cattle dealer. Effects £561: 13s. 6d.

WHARTON George of The Boat Inn Scarthin Matlock Bath Derbyshire died 22 June 1928 Administration Derby 2 August 1928 to James Albert Wharton colliery deputy and Mary Annie Wharton (wife of Oswald Wharton). Effects £1317 17s. 2d. Reswom £1243 11s. 7d.

WHARTON George William of 66 Holywell Hill St. Albans Hertfordshire died 29 April 1928 at Oster House St. Albans Probate London 19 May 1928 to Clara Emma Wharton widow. Effects £874 4s. 6d.

WHARTON James of 89 Abbey Road Barrow-in-Furness Lancashire died 25 February 1928 Probate London 19 May 1928 to Sarah Wharton widow. Effects £208 15s.

WHARTON Jane of 2 Exmouth Place Hastings widow died 23 April 1928 at St. Edward's Station Road Herne Bay Kent Probate London 19 June 1928 to Thomas Roland Launcelet John Wharton chemist. Effects £248 15s.

WHARTON John Daly of 46 Woodview Road Hunslet Leeds died 9 April 1928 Probate Wakefield 21 September 1928 to Florence Mary Potts (wife of Charles Potts) and Elizabeth Wharton spinster. Effects £563 13s. 8d.

WHARTON Joseph Anthony of 29 London Road Blackburn died 2 December 1928 Administration London 28 December 1928 to Elizabeth Wharton widow. Effects £182 7s. 6d.

WHARTON Sarah of 83 Latham Street Bolton Lancashire widow died 25 January 1928 Probate Manchester 29 February 1928 to John Wharton manager in a clothier's shop. Effects £394 4s. 8d.

WHARTON Sarah of Front Street Orton Westmorland widow died 22 October 1928 Probate Carlisle 14 December 1928 to Jane Jarratt (wife of Robert Jarratt) Mary Dennis (wife of William Dennis) and Sarah Bentham (wife of Fred Bentham). Effects £1453 19s. 9d.

WHARTON Thomas Fairbairn of Millstone Terrace Lazonby Cumberland died 27 October 1928 Administration Carlisle 12 November 1928 to Jane Wharton widow. Effects £308 9s. 7d.

1929 Entries

WHARTON Annie Ada of Carr House Littletown Liversedge Yorkshire widow died 30 January 1929 Probate London 6 March 1929 to Lilian Gertrude Saxton (wife of Edgar Saxton) Ethel Sharp (wife of Joseph Arthur Sharp) and Edith Smith (wife of Leonard Smith). Effects £1397 19s. 10d.

WHARTON Catherine of Bestwood Waterworks Nottinghamshire (wife of Charles Wharton) died 24 November 1928 Administration Nottingham 8 August 1929 to the said Charles Wharton deputy waterworks superintendent. Effects £93 8s.

WHARTON Eliza of 3 Howard Park Terrace Street Peg Lane Cleckheaton Yorkshire widow died 1 March 1929 Probate London 27 March 1929 to Louis Wharton watchouseman and Elizabeth Ann Tetlow widow. Effects £884 10s. 4d.

WHARTON Elizabeth Blackshaw of Stans?eld House Slade Lane Levenshulme Manchester widow died 13 January 1929 Probate Manchester 3 April 1929 to Annie Wharton and Nellie Wharton spinsters. Effects £89 8s. 11d.

WHARTON Elizabeth Deborah of Bank House Market Street Kirkby Stephen Westmorland spinster died 2 February 1929 Probate London 22 March 1929 to lvy Agnes Hutchinson (wife of Cleasby Hutchinson) and William Rees solicitor. Effects £1795 19s. 11d.

WHARTON Fanny Louisa of 3 Chester Road Southport Lancashire spinster died 3 February 1929 at Rossmore Nursing Home Leicester Street Southport Probate London 20 April 1929 to Lilian Wharton and Clara Wharton spinsters. Effects £811 3s. 6d.

WHARTON Frederick of 260 Derby Road Nottingham died 3 March 1929 Probate Nottingham 25 April 1929 to William Wharton yarn agent and Henry Austen hop agent. Effects £14306 0s. 11d.

WHARTON George of 22 Old Fallow Road Blackfords Cannock Staffordshire died 28 November 1929 Administration Birmingham 20 December 1929 to George Edward Wharton school teacher. Effects £173 4s. 11d.

WHARTON Harry of Woodend Overchurch Road Upton near Birkenhead died 22 August 1929 Administration Chester 20 September 1929 to Thomas Wharton cabinet maker. Effects £400 0s. 5d.

WHARTON Mary Ann of 89 Potternewton Lane Chapel Allerton Leeds widow died 24 December 1928 Probate London 15 January 1929 to Florence Urquhart (wife of James Urquhart). Effects £1389 10s. 6d.

WHARTON Philip Thomas of The Cottage Bramdean near Alresford Hampshire died 7 June 1929 Probate London 2 July 1929 to Esther Alice Wharton widow. Effects £2847 8s. 10d.

WHARTON Polly of Brights Cottage Heckmondwike Yorkshire (wife of Thomas Wharton) died 16 August 1929 at South Cliff Cottage Scarborough Probate London 1 October 1929 to Thomas Wharton gentleman Auberon Herbert Redfearn solicitor and Percy Walker merchant. Effects £47856 10s. 4d.

WHARTON Roseanna of 23 Alexandra Road Finsbury Park Middlesex widow died 27 January 1929 Probate London 12 February 1929 to Emily Susan Wharton spinster. Effects £165.

WHARTON Thomas Richard of The Nook Alkrington Green Middleton Lancashire died 18 May 1929 Probate London 15 June 1929 to Charlotte Aske Wharton widow. Effects £3013 9s 9d

1930 Entries

WHARTON Ann Frances of 224 Victor Street Grimsby Lincolnshire (wife of James Wharton) died 14 December 1928 at 100 Scartho Road Grimsby Administration Lincoln 23 December 1930 to the said James Wharton picture frame maker. Effects £63 11s. 10d.

WHARTON Arthur Henry of 160 Capstone Road Bournemouth died 9 July 1930 at The Royal Victoria and West Hants Hospital Boscombe Hampshire Administration London 2 August 1930 to Mabel Rose Wharton widow. Effects £351 9s. 9d.

WHARTON Augusta of 20 Kenilworth Road Rathmines county Dublin spinster died 18 October 1929 Probate L0ndon 24 January 1930 to Seacome Mason esquire. Effects £1451 5s. in England.

WHARTON Charles of 124 Legsby Avenue Grimsby Lincolnshire died 17 October 1980 Probate London 4 December 1930 to Florence Wharton widow and William Brough Wharton shipping clerk. Effects £1885 7s. 7d.

WHARTON Charles Courtenay of The Bungalow Birdingbury near Rugby Warwickshire died 30 July 1930 at The Cottage Hospital Whitby Yorkshire Probate London 12 September 1930 to Dorothea Wharton widow and Oliver Dayrell Paget Paget-Cooke and Guy Temple Corrie solicitors. Effects £8311 13s. 3d.

WHARTON Eliza May of 3 Co-operative Terrace Coxhoc county Durham (wife of Edward Potts Wharton) died 9 May 1930 Administration Durham 19 June 1930 to the said Edward Potts Wharton joiner. Effects £184 19s. 2d.

WHARTON Elizabeth of 107 Enville Street Stourbridge Worcestershire widow died 24 March 1930 Administration Birmingham 11 June 1930 to Arthur Attfield retired goods guard. Effects £36 9s. 6d.

WHARTON Joseph of 10 Broadway Wallasey Cheshire died 29 August 1929 at Rodney Street Liverpool Probate London 29 January 1930 to Annie Wharton widow. Effects £4075 1s. 5d.

WHARTON Joseph of 8 Cambrian Road Chester died 14 November 1930 Probate Chester 28 November 1930 to Hilda Annie Wharton spinster. Effects £325 7s. 11d.

WHARTON Richard George of 231 Stanstead Road Forest Hill Kent died 29 September 1930 at Kings College Hospital Denmark Hill Surrey Probate London 21 October to Alice Louise Wharton widow. Effects £581 13s. 11d.

WHARTON Thomas of 61 Seymour Street Higher Tranmere Birkenhead died 31 December 1929 Probate Liverpool 9 September 1930 to Edith Gertrude Wharton spinster. Effects £682 12s. 11d.

1931 Entries

WHARTON Alice of 7 Sherbourne Crescent Holm Slack Preston Lancashire spinster died 14 June 1931 Probate Liverpool 14 September 1931 to Annie Formby spinster and Alfred Keller gentleman. Effects £3083 9s. 5d.

WHARTON Annie of 10 Broadway Wallasey Cheshire widow died 4 June 1931 Probate Liverpool 23 July 1931 to Mary Wharton spinster. Effects £7179 145. 3d. Resworn £7283 14s. 3d.

WHARTON Charles Napier of 75 Nettleham Road Woodseats Sheffield died 13 January 1931 at 12 Herries Road Shef?eld Probate London 6 March 1931 to Dorothy Catherine Hall (wife of Maurice Hall) and Lilian Catherine Scoresby-Jackson spinster. Effects £807 17s 9d.

WHARTON Dorothea of The Bungalow Birdingbury near Rugby Warwickshire widow died 5 October 1931 Administration London 5 November 1931 to Dorothea Cecilia Wharton spinster. Effects £1584 12s. 9d.

WHARTON Elizabeth Ann of 5 School Lane Bidston Cheshire widow died 21 July 1931 Probate Liverpool 19 August 1931 to Fred Berry Greenwood civil engineer. Effects £263 14s 1d.

WHARTON Emily Jessie of 6 Priory Street Liverpool (wife of Charles Wharton) died 21 May 1931 Probate Liverpool 17 June 1931 to Gertrude Nix (wife of Sidney Nix) and Stanley Norcross french polisher. Effects £163.

WHARTON Emma of 2 Agnes Street Lytham Lancashire widow died 11 May 1931 Probate London 11 July 1931 to Ernest Wharton railway official Percy Wharton manager and Robert Evans Wright garage proprietor. Effects £1642 11s. 11d.

WHARTON Emma of 71 The Boulevard Kingston--upon-Hull widow died 16 September 1931 Probate York 25 November 1931 to Harold Anthony Wharton assistant controller. Effects £5563 3s. 1d.

WHARTON Frederick of 39 Greendale Road Port Sunlight Cheshire died 16 March 1931 Administration Liverpool 27 April 1931 to Alice Mary Wharton widow. Effects £204 18s. 8d.

WHARTON George of 2 South View Eaton Road Chester died 5 July 1931 at Chester Royal Infirmary Chester Probate London 25 August -to Ann Wharton widow. Effects £3840 5s. 5d.

WHARTON Gertrude of 23 Eldon Road Shear Brow Blackburn (wife of Ernest ]ohn Wharton) died 30 July 1931 Administration Lancaster 5 November to the said Ernest John Wharton corporation building surveyor. Effects £200 5s. 7d.

WHARTON Harriett Elizabeth of 28 Palmer Park Avenue Reading widow died 3 January 1931 Probate London 23 March 1931 to Emily Amelia Wharton spinster. Effects £543 9s. 10d.

WHARTON Herbert Harrison of 366 Nugenit Street New Dorp Manor Staten Island Richmond USA died 27 September 1930 at Staten Island Hospital Staten Island Administration London 15 January 1931 to Grace Quantrill Wharton widow. Effects £460.

WHARTON Jane of The Village Little Crosby near Liverpool spinster died 5 January 1931 Probate Liverpool 20 June 1931 to Henry Joseph Wharton joiner. Effects £318 16s. 11d.

WHARTON John of 379 Price street Birkenhead died 30 June 1931 Administration Liverpool 10 August 1931 to Julia Wharton widow. Effects £816 12s.

WHARTON Margaret Ann of 22 Hurst-street Bolton L3/i1GlShil’e widow died 15 December 1931 Probate London 24 December 1931 to John Wharton electrician and Sarah Jane Wharton (wife of the said John Wharton). Effects £464 1s. 7d.

WHARTON Sarah of Wellisford House Links-road Winchester widow tlied 21 ]uly 1931 Probate London 17 October 1931 to William Henry Levens clerk and Thomas Brown hatter. Effects £6850 10s. 11d.

WHARTON Thomas of Holes Farm Orton Westmorland died 30 November 1930 at Kendal Westmorland Administration Carlisle 6 January 1931 to Clara Alice Wharton widow. Effects £572.

WHARTON Thomas of 6 Cemetery-road Shrewsbury died 20 July 1931 Probate Shrewsbury 19 August 1931 to Betsy Ann Wharton widow. Effects £330 1s. 4d.

WHARTON Thomas William of 32 Hythe Hill Colchester died 22 ]uly 1931 Administration Ipswich 19 August 1931 to George Arthur Wharton electrician and Leonard William Wharton tailor. Effects £452 6s. 8d.

WHARTON Wilfrid John of 65 Charlwood-street Westminster Middlesex died 27 March 1931 at National Hospital Queen Square Holborn Middlesex Administration London 21 April 1931 to Blanche Wharton widow. Effects £167 10s.

1932 Entries

WHARTON Alwyn of 102 King Street Oldham died 10 April 1932 Probate Manchester 4 November 1932 to Edgar Wharton physician and surgeon and Kate Orme Wharton widow. Effects £31317 18s. 5d.

WHARTON Dorothy Ellen of 53 Edgbaston Road Smethwick Staffordshire spinster died 21 July 1932 Administration Birmingham 21 September 1932 to Sidney Wharton commission agent. Effects £12413 7s. 1d.

WHARTON Edith of 12 Brazil Street Lower Broughton Saltord (wile of James Edward Wharton) died 19 October 1932 at 2 Stott Lane Salford Administration Manchester 5 November 1932 to the said James Edward Wharton corporation tram driver. Effects £201 14s. 2d.

SMITH Ellen Wharton or WHARTON Ellen. See SMITH for WHARTON.

WHARTON Esther Alice of The Cottage Bramdean near Alresford Hampshire widow died 10 December 1931 Probate L0nd0n 9 January to Lawrence Humphrey Wharton insurance official and Alan Edwin Nelham Clark solicitor. Effects £2783 18s. Resworn £3234.

WHARTON Frederica of Holly House London Road Ghelmsford spinster died 6 April 1932 Probate London 10 June 1932 to Charles Albert Copland solicitor. Effects £13523 5s. 1d.

WHARTON Henry of Wortwell Norfolk died 16 February 1932 Probate Norwich 19 March 1932 to Daisy May Wharton widow. Effects £476 185. 11d.

SMITH Herbert Wharton or WHARTON Herbert. See SMITH for WHARTON.

WHARTON Isaac of 83 Starkey Street Heywood Lancashire died 24 January 1932 Probate Manchester 8 April 1932 to Sarah Ann Wharton widow. Effects £1866 11s. 6d.

WHARTON Jane of 53 The Grove Bedford spinster died 9 December 1931 Probate Birmingham 4 January 1932 to Frederick Vincent Lee Mathias electrical engineer. Effects £1194 14s. 3d. Resworn £1449 10s. 9d.

WHARTON John of Itonfield Hesket-in-the-Forest Cumberland died 10 December 1931 Probate Carlisle 31 August 1932 to John William Wharton and Thomas Wharton farmers. Effects £3624 17s. 2d.

WHARTON John Parker of 90 Bucks Rroad Douglas Isle of Man died 7 February 1932 Probate London 7 May 1932 to Catherine Parker Rogerson (wife of Samuel Rogerson) and Florence Edith Wharton spinster. Effects £3956 4s. 4d. in England.

WHARTON Malcolm of 27 Alexandra Street Heywood Lancashire died 1 April 1932 Administration Manchester 21 April 1932 to Mary Wharton widow. Effects £156 17s. 6d.

WHARTON Mary Jane of 1 Beechwood Row Burley Leeds (wife of Herbert Wharton) died 1 September 1932 Probate Wake?eld 19 October 1932 to the said Herbert Wharton joiner. Effects £47 7s. 11d.

WHARTON Robert William of 27 Francis-street Crook county Durham died 10 June 1932 Probate Durham 22 July 1932 to John Wharton coalminer and Edward Ramsay colliery overman. Effects £609 0s. 1d.

WHARTON Wilfred of 409 Lees Hall-road Thornhill Lees Dewsbury Yorkshire died 23 March 1932 at Bradford Administration Wakefield 13 April 1932 to Lelah Wharton widow. Effects £198 16s. 3d.

1933 Entries

WHARTON Agnes of 6 Fieldside Road Rock Ferry Birkenhead (wife of John Harold Wharton) died 23 January 1933 Probate Liverpool 1 March 1933 to the said John Harold Wharton railway engine driver. Effects £854 19s. 3d.

WHARTON Agnes Simmie of 120 Glengall Road Kilburn Middlesex (wife of Herbert Charles Wharton) died 2 January 1924 Probate London 5 April 1933 to the said Herbert Charles Wharton photographer. Effects £220.

WHARTON Annie of 437 Lytham Road South Shore Blackpool widow died 30 April 1933 Probate Manchester 26 May 1933 to Joseph William Wharton woollen merchant and Percy Lee Sheard hop merchant. Effects £2293 4s. 8d.

WHARTON Charles of 1 Coppice Road Moseley Birmingham died 13 January 1933 Probate Birmingham 18 March 1933 to Mary Wharton widow. Effects £707 19s. 3d.

WHARTON Clara of 1O North Road Clayton near Manchester spinster died 2 July 1933 at 123 Crescent Road Crumpsall near Manchester Probate London 20 October 1933 to Joseph Worrall manager and Harold Vernon Worrall agent. Effects £110.

WHARTON Clara of 143 Hamilton Road Longsight Manchester spinster died 11 November 1933 Probate Manchester 14 December 1933 to Annie Wharton sinister. Effects £312 2s. 9d.

WHARTON Cyril Percival of 199 Stubbington Avenue North End Portsmouth died 8 May 1933 aft the Infectious Diseases Hospital Portsmouth Administration Winchester 15 June 1933 to Dorothy Gladys Wharton widow. Effects £497 19s. 4d.

WHARTON Eleanor of 3 Llanelwedd Terrace Llanelwedd Radnorshire widow died 27 September 1933 Administration Oxtord 23 October 1933 to Florence Ada Thomas (wife of William Thomas). Effects £109 2s. 2d.

WHARTON Ellen of Nether Green Eastwood Nottinghamshire spinster died 7 October 1932 Administration Nottingham 2 March 1933 to George Wharton retired miner. Effects £812 6s. 4d.

WHARTON Frank Lot of 1 Kay Street West Gonton Manchester died 17 January 1933 Administration Manchester 16 February 1933 to Elizabeth Hannah Wharton widow. Effects £437 2s. 11d.

WHARTON Henry of Belwyn Rosemary Lane Formby Lancashire died 22 July 1933 at 74 Wigan Road Ormskirk Lancashire Administration Liverpool 18 September 1933 to Isabella Wharton widow. Effects £139.

WHARTON John Edward of 5 Cross Lane Stone Chair Halifax died 19 May 1933 Probate Wakefield 6 July 1933 to Cordelia Wharton widow. Effects £1304 17s

WHARTON Joseph Collin of Mid Town Farm Green Strickland Westmorland died 9 March 1933 Probate London 11 May 1933 to John Whit?eld Wharton farmer and Mary Ellen Wharton spinster. Effects £2186 1s. 3d.

WHARTON or EDMONDS Minnie Georgina Amelia of Oak Lodge Streatham Common North Side Surrey spinster died 26 March 1933 Administration (with Will) London 31 May 1933 to Claude Edward Wharton actor. Effects £259 15s. 4d.

WHARTON Richard of Spring Gardens Freckleton near Kirkham ‘Lancashire died 24 February 1932 Probate Lancaster 22 September 1933 to Thomas Hargreaves cycle repairer. Effects £46 3s. 6d.

WHARTON Thomas Gill of 12 Pembroke-street Seedley Salford died 11 January 1933 at 2 Stott Lane Salford Probate Manchester 14 February 1933 to Abraham Hewitt Wharton engineer. Effects £849 2s. 2d.

WHARTON Wilfred of 15 Barton Road Coventry died 5 August 1933 at the Coventry and Warwickshire Hospital Coventry Administration Birmingham 21 August 1933 to Hilda Wharton widow. Effects £504.

WHARTON William of 3 Colville Street Nottingham died 28 November 1932 Probate Nottingham 12 January 1933 to George Leslie Wharton manufacturer’s agent and Ernest John Attenborough civil engineer. Effects £5252 12s. 9d.

WHARTON William of 45 Wyresdale Road Bolton Lanoashire died 12 October 1933 Probate Manchester 2 November 1933 to Thomas Grundy retired schoolmaster. Effects £453 19s. 4d.

WHARTON William Richard of ‘Brac-Ken-Dale 10 Brackendale Road Bournemouth died 20 September 1933 Probate London 25 October 1933 to Ada Jane Wharton widow and Robert Eglinton Wharton bank clerk. Effects £4339 7s. 6d.

WHARTON Wilson of 132 Norden Road Birtle-cum-Bamford Bury Lancashire died 14 September 1932 Probate Manchester 3 January 1933 to Elimberh Alice Wharton widow. Effects £1235 11s. 10d.

1934 Entries

WHARTON Annie of 52 Bolton Yard Upper Road Batley Carr Batley Yorkshire widow died 3 June 1934 Administration Wake?eld 2 August 1934 to Albert Wharton willier. Effects £239 17s. 5d.

WHARTON Augusta Sarah of Beech House Bardsey Yorkshire spinster died 30 October 1934 at The Beeches West Tadcaster Yorkshire Probate Wake?eld 12 December 1934 to Frank Alton Sant Angelo musician. Effects £362 15s. 6d.

WHARTON Charles of the Waterworks Burton Joyce Nottinghamshire died 21 May 1934 at 18 Park Row Nottingham Probate Nottingham 15 June 1934 to Arthur Garratt outfitters manager. Effects £864 8s. 8d.

WHARTON Charles James of 43 Fairview Way Edgware Middlesex died 9 July 1934 at Redhill Hospital Hendon Middlesex Administration (with Will) London 13 August 1934 to Mabel Emily Goode (wife of Leonard Thomas Goode) and Gladys Wilson Langley (wife of James Henry Langley). Effects £280 8s.

WHARTON (baron) the right honourable Charles Theodore Halswell Kemeys-Tynte of Cefn Mably Glamorganshire and Halswell Park Somersetshire and of 31 Bruton Street Westminster Middlesex died 4 March 1934 at 31 Bruton Street Probate (save and except settled land) London 19 April 1934 to the right honourable Dorothy Kemeys-Tynte Baroness Wharton widow. Effects £16482 19s. 1d. Further Grant 2 August 1934.

WHARTON (baron) the right honourable Charles Theodore Halswell Kemeys-Tynte of Halswell Park Somersetshire and of 31 Bruton Street Middlesex died 4 March 1934 at 31 Bruton Street Probate (limited to settled land) London 2 August to Messrs. Hoare Trustees and Arthur Hervey Hoare and Edward Henry Hoare bankers. E?fects £251486 17s. 10d. Former Grant P.R. 19 April 1934.

WHARTON Elizabeth of 34 Boldshay Street Bradford widow died 18 March 1934 Probate Wakefield 16 April 1934 to Thomas Edwin Higgins packer and William Thomas Jackson Richardson retired caretaker. Effects £1625 19s. 2d.

WHARTON Elizabeth Ann of 26 Maple Grove Liverpool (wife of Herbert Wharton) died 18 September 1934 at Walton Hospital Rice-lane Liverpool Probate Liverpool 17 December 1934 to Dora Annie Edmondson spinster and Joseph Sewell merchant's clerk. Effects £506 18s. 9d.

WHARTON Frederick of 4 Florence Street Moss Side Manchester died 24 March 1934 at The Sanatorium Baguley Manchester Probate Manchester 30 April 1934 to Charlotte Annie Wharton widow. Effects £313 2s.

WHARTON Jim of 159 Ferncliffe View Calverley Yorkshire died 8 June 1934 Probate Wakefield 8 August 1934 to Horace Coote gas appliance ?tter. Effects £333 11s. 7d.

WHARTON Joseph of Althorpe Lincolnshire died 4 August 1934 Probate Lincoln 7 September to Thomas David Amery potato merchant and Vincent Strawson Booth solicitor. Effects £1543 0s. 7d.

WHARTON Margaret Mary of 14 Mersey View Waterloo near Liverpool widow died 28 August 1934 Probate Liverpool 11 October 1934 to Thomas Wharton dairyman and John Gordon Roughley poultry and pig farmer. Effects £383.

WHARTON Mary of Gretton Kettering Northamptonshire widow died 4 February 1934 Administration London 8 May 1934 to John Wharton retired engineer. Effects £1822 1s 3d.

WHARTON Mary of 39 Station Road Brimington Derbyshire (wife of Raymond Wharton) died 27 April 1934 Administration London 13 September to the said Raymond Wharton retired blacksmith. Effects £300 12s. 6d.

WHARTON Philip of Oak Bank Crook near Kendal Westmorland died 26 November 1933 Probate Carlisle 10 January 1934 to Matthew Slinger Wharton and James Wharton farmers. Effects £10001 6s. 3d.

1935 Entries

WHARTON Alfred John of Winch Road Gayton Norlolk died 22 October 1935 Probate Norwich 22 November 1935 to Muriel Winifred Wharton spinster. Effects £497 15s. 10d .

WHARTON Annie of Lawnswood Grafton Road Keighley Yorkshire widow died 30 April 1935 Probate London 11 June 1935 in Doris Aline Wall (wife of Thomas Wall) and William Swuire Sudgeon architect. Effects £20599 1s. 8d. Resworn £19533 11s. 7d.

WHARTON Annie Elizabeth of Masham Yorkshire spinster died 13 November 1934 Probate London 9 January 1935 to Emily Akers (wife of Arthur James Akers). Effects £567 19s. 1d.

WHARTON Arthur of 44 Midway Avenue Bridlington Yorkshire died 17 November 1934 Probate London 24 January 1935 to Annie Jane Wharton widow and Annie Hay Wharton spinster. Effects £1985 8s. 2d.

WHARTON Arthur of 142 Hat?eld Road Bolton Lancashire died 23 August 1935 Probate Manchester 19 September 1935 to John Wharton clothier’s manager. Effects £440 5s. 10d.

WHARTON Edward of 50 Dodgson Road Preston Lancashire died 10 April 1935 at Sharoe Green Hospital Fulwood near Preston Probate Lancaster 24 May 1935 to Elizabeth Wharton widow and Harry Wharton general labourer. Effects £1443 7s. 6d.

WHARTON Elizabeth of 39 Endbutt Lane Great Crosby Lancashire widow died 20 June 1934 Administration Liverpool 8 January 1935 to William Wharton army pensioner. Effects £135 1s. 2d.

WHARTON Elizabeth Ann of 11 Dawes Avenue Isleworth Middlesex spinster died 27 December 1934 Administration York 24 January 1935 to Harold Anthony Wharton assistant railway controller. Effects £67 12s. 5d.

WHARTON Frank of Brooke House Medical Home Thurleston Ipswich died 27 March 1935 Probate Ipswich 12 September 1935 to Samuel Godfrey Flick auctioneer and Willie Wharton farmer. Effects £8973 9s. 4d.

WHARTON Herbert Francis of 17 Marchmont Road Wallington Surrey died 9 September 1935 Probate London. 29 October 1935 to Florence Jane Wharton widow. Effects £1045 17s. 7d.

WHARTON James of Font Street Orton Westmorland died 19 December 1934 Probate Carlisle 14 February 1935 to Joseph Robertson retired carpenter. Effects £901 12s. 5d.

WHARTON James Henry of c/o the Bank of Australasia Melbourne Victoria Australia died 18 April 1935 Administration (with Will) (limited) London 13 November 1935 to the Reverend James Henry Shields clerk attorney of Joyce Helen Wentworth Wharton spinster. Effects £2780 13s. in England.

WHARTON Jane of 18 Desborough Street High Wycombe Buckinghamshire widow died 22 August 1935 Administration Oxford 6 September 1935 to William George Wharton furniture manufacturer. Effects £103 9s. 5d.

WHARTON Jane Ann of 28 William Street Craghead county Durham widow died 15 April 1935 Probate Durham 30 May 1935 to Edward Wharton and Thomas Wharton coal miners. Effects £171 0s. 7d.

WHARTON John of Cherry Tree Cottage Holt Worcestershire died 12 December 1934 Probate Birmingham 19 June 1935 to Elizabeth Wharton widow and William John Wharton chauffeur. Effects £410 9s. 2d.

WHARTON John of Gwynfa Newcastle Road Shavington near Grewe died 20 June 1935 at the Crewe Memorial Hospital Crewe Administration Chester 3 September 1935 to Elizabeth Wharton widow. Effects £454 13s. 3d.

WHARTON Martha Ann of 46 Halifax Road Liversedge Yorkshire widow died 24 May 1935 Probate Wakefield 19 June 1935 to Fred Ledgard weaver and Mary Ainn Mellor (wife of Joseph Mellor). Effects £181 2s. 3d.

WHARTON Mary Ellen of 55 Empress Road Wrexham Denbighshire (wife of James Wharton) died 2 February 1935 Administration Bangor 11 April 1935 to the said James Wharton retired post office test clerk. Effects £200 7s. 10d.

WHARTON Moses of Ash Hill House Hat?eld Yorkshire died 13 December 1935 Probate Durham 30 December 1935 to Edward Dobinson Wharton colliery weigh clerk. Effects £57 2s. 7d.

WHARTON Sarah Anne of 4 Colchester Road Blackpool spinster died 22 March 1935 Administration London 28 November 1935 to Herbert John Harper-Roberts trichologist and Evan Leslie Davies police constable. Effects £449 12s. 3d.

WHARTON Thomas of Brights Cottage Broadway Morecambe Lancashire died 7 January 1935 Probate London 13 March 1935 to Auberon Herbert Redfearn solicitor Percy Walker rag merchant and Ernest Hartley Oldroyd dyer. Effects £30326 8s.

WHARTON Thomas of 119 Charlesworth Sreet Carr Vale Bolsover Derbyshire died 12 June 1935 Probate London 13 September 1935 to Harriett Wharton widow. Effects £220.

WHARTON Thomas of Barker Hill Farm Farnley Leeds died 7 September 1935 Administration Wakefield 21 October 1935 to Emily Mary Alice Wharton widow and George Edward Wharton textile operative. Effects £1709 2s. 5d.

WHARTON Walter Snelson of 24 Prince Street Primrose Hill Huddersfield died 16 March 1935 Administration London 15 April 1935 to Arthur Bown Wharton engineer. Effects £224 11s. 1d.

1936 Entries

WHARTON Annie May of 49 Christchurch Road Streatham Hill Surrey widow died 6 October 1936 at 3 Christchurch Road Probate London 19 November 1936 to Frank James Woodward retired judge Indian civil service. Effects £2098 6s. 4d.

WHARTON Ernest Sam of 121 Victoria Road Woolston Southampton died 13 November 1936 at The Borough Hospital Southampton Probate London 24 December 1936 to Bertha Florence Adams (wife of Henry Leonard Adams) and the said Henry Leonard Adams ships plater. Effects £470 19s. 3d.

WHARTON Frank of 9 Haig Avenue Southport Lancashire died 21 August 1936 Administration Liverpool 28 September 1936 to Agnes Wharton widow. Effects £466 16s. 2d.

WHARTON Frank of Church House Farm Samlesbury Lancashire died 1 October 1936 at The Royal Infirmary Preston Lancashire Administration Lancaster 16 October 1936 to Annie Wharton widow. Effects £237 8s. 9d.

WHARTON Fred of 45 Bramwell Street Shef?eld died 11 March 1936 at 2 Herries Road Sheffield Probate Wake?eld 27 May 1936 to Jane Ann Wharton widow. Effects £271 5s.

WHARTON Harold of 10 Seedley Road Pendleton Salford died 18 April 1936 Administration Manchester 4 May 1936 to Leah Wharton widow. Effects £134 7s. 4d.

WHARTON Herbert of 1 Beechwood Row Burley Leeds died 26 December 1935 Probate Wakefield 30 March 1936 to Hilda Wharton and Gertrude Wharton spinsters. Effects £1045 14s. 4d.

WHARTON Hugh of 22 Langdale Road New Brighton Wallasey Cheshire died 22 November 1935 at 2 Hardman Street Liverpool Probate Liverpool 5 February 1936 to Nora Wharton widow and Frederick James Lloyd bootmaker. Effects £519 4s. 8d.

WHARTON Jennie of Wandong Victoria Australia spinster died 7 July 1931 Administration (limited) Ipswich 18 September to Alfred Hills solicitor attorney of Herbert Thomas Wharton. Effects £291 7s.

WHARTON Mary Jane of Garlands Mental Hospital Carlisle widow died 14 February 1936 Probate Carlisle 24 March 1936 to William Wharton manager to manufacturing chemist and John Wharton iron founder. Effects £1496 19s.11d.

WHARTON Mary Jane of 9 May?eld Kendal Westmorland widow died 1 March 1936 Probate Carlisle 6 May to Edith Wharton spinster. Effects £943 8s. 7d.

WHARTON Richard of White House Farm Kirkby Stephen Westmorland died 6 March 1936 Probate Carlisle 9 April 1936 to Mary Ann Wharton widow and Philip Wharton and Joseph Hetherington Allan farmers. Effects £2773 3s. 8d.

WHARTON Selina Groves of 48 Aylesbury Road Southwark Surrey widow died 25 February 1936 at 182 Westmoreland Road Walworth Surrey Administration (with Will) London 20 May 1936 to Selina Wharton spinster. Effects £595 17s. 4d.

WHARTON Thomas Eason of 12 Emery Street Cambridge died 1 June 1936 Probate London 6 July 1936 to Caroline Wharton widow. Effects £1107 8s. 1d.

WHARTON William of The Laurels 50 Winifred Road Apsley End Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire died 12 December 1935 Probate London 3 March 1936 to George Wharton retired foreman papermaker. Effects £362 5s. 5d.

WHARTON William Henry of 30 Jodrell Street New Mills Derbyshire died 2 April 1936 Probate London 17 April 1936 to Annie Williams widow. Effects £418 2s. 6d.

1937 Entries

WHARTON Alfred of 117 Wickham Way Beckenham Kent died 5 January 1937 Administration London 12 February 1937 to John Alfred Lionel Wharton commercial traveller. Effects £125 10s. 8d.

WHARTON Alice Maria of 59 Dartmouth Park Road Kentish Town Middlesex spinster died 17 January 1937 at 3 Bedford Park West Croydon Surrey Administration (with Will) London 1 June 1937 to Annie Maria Seaton widow. Effects £74 9s. 6d.

WHARTON Ann Kezia of 1 Waverley Terrace Flatts Lane Treeton near Rotherham Yorkshire widow died 30 April 1937 Probate Wake?eld 18 September 1937 to Amelia Christiana Wilson (wife of Campbell Wilson). Effects £605 18s. 10d.

WHARTON Annie Matilda of Dunelm 209 Durham Road Spennymoor county Durham widow died 22 February 1937 Probate Durham 22 April to Oswald Geoffrey Wharton colliery ram engineman. Effects £716 13s.

WHARTON Arthur of 76 King's Road London Colney near St. Albans Hertfordshire died 4 December 1936 at Oster House St. Albans Probate London 18 February to Susannah Wharton widow. Effects £885 7s. 9d.


WHARTON the Reverend Edgar of Grafton House Esplanade Scarborough canon of Lincoln cathedral died 4 December 1936 Probate York 14 January 1937 to Norman Wharton solicitor and Tertius Wharton retired bank manager. Effects £47060 11s. 9d. Resworn £47330 6s. 10d.

WHARTON or SEGRAVE Elizabeth of Loudoun Cottage Galston Ayrlhire widow died 19 January 1937 at Irvine Con?rmation of Henry Wharton Segrave. Sealed London 2 March 1937.

WHARTON Emily Jane of 11 Bank Street Langley Mill Derbyshire Widow died 27 January 1937 Administration Nottingham 12 March 1937 to George Wharton miner. Effects £491 0s. 11d.

WHARTON Florence Charlotte of High Street Alton Hampshire spinster died 3 April 1937 Administration Winchester 28 May 1937 to Agnes Ellen Stewart (wife of William John Stewart). Effects £93 14s. ld.

WHARTON George of 11 Bank Street Langley Mill Derbyshire died 15 January 1937 Administration (with Will) Nottingham 31 March to George Wharton miner. Effects £317 19s.

WHARTON Henry of 79 The Oval Firth Park Sheffield died 8 January 1937 Administration Wakefield 10 March 1937 to Emily Agnes Wharton widow. Effects £458 145. 6d.

WHARTON Horace George Mansel of 172 Norbury Court Road Norbury London SW16 died 4 February 1937 at 56 Holland Street Southwark London SE1 Probate London 6 April 1937 to Mary Maude Wharton widow. Effects £963 3s. 8d.

WHARTON Lancelot of Croft House Orton Westmorland died 30 July 1937 Probate Carlisle 9 September 1937 to William Dobson retired farmer. Effects £2623 5s. 8d.

WHARTON Laura Jane of Waitby Kirkby Stephen Westmorland (Wife of Thomas Wilson Wharton) died 10 December 1936 at Croft House Crosby Garrett Westmorland Probate Carlisle 12 January 1937 to Rose Davidson spinster. Effects £313 11s.

WHARTON Mary of 34 Victoria Drive West Kirby Cheshire spinster died 18 February 1937 Probate Liverpool 5 May to Harry Arthur Malvern retired company director Charles Cadwaladr Haswell retired ironmonger and Sarah Gwladys Phillips widow. Effects £9330 10s. 7d. Resworn £10670 10s. 2d.

WHARTON Mary of 44 Cavendish Street Salford (wife of William Edward Wharton) died 26 March 1937 Administration Manchester 18 May to the said William Edward Wharton engineers fitter and James Edward Wharton labourer. Effects £1593 2s. 8d.

WHARTON Pamela of Rock Haven Cloughton Scarborough spinster died 5 August 1937 Administration York 18 October 1937 to Norman Wharton solicitor. Effects £531 8s. 11d.

WHARTON Robert Watson of 7 Grosvenor Crescent Grimsby Lincolnshire died 21 December 1936 at 110a Scartho Road Grimsby Probate London 15 January to Alfred Clement Storr music teacher. Effects £76 17s. 8d.

WHARTON Thomas of 11 Wensley Bank West Thornton Bradford died 11 January 1937 at Bowling Institution Bradford Probate London 5 February 1937 to Elizabeth Ann Wharton widow. Effects £935 4s. 11d.

WHARTON William of The Market Place Wolsingham county Durham died 21 August 1937 Probate Durham 14 October 1937 to Ellen Iley Wharton spinster. Effects £1793 5s. 8d.

WHARTON William John of 6 Segrave Walk Grantham Drive Poppleton Road York died 26 October 1937 Probate York 6 November 1937 to Elsie May Murray (wife of John Ewing Murray). Effects £106 3s. 8d.

1938 Entries

WHARTON Ada Maud Mary of Linksway Gordon Avenue Stanmore Middlesex (wife of Ernest Wharton) died 2 August 1938 Probate London 9 September 1938 to the said Ernest Wharton retired railway official. Effects £1867 1s. 10d.

WHARTON Alfred of 64 Tarvin Road Chester died 12 December 1937 Probate Chester 11 January 1938 to Annie Walley (wife of Charles Ernest Walley) and Jane Goodman (wife of Arthur Edward Goodman). Effects £438 11s. 5d.

WHARTON Alfred Ernest of 50 Ripon Street Sunderland died 30 January 1922 at High?eld Hylton Road Sunderland Administration Durham 7 July 1938 to Florence Jane Wharton widow and Rebecca Gillespie spinster. Effects £124 15s.

WHARTON Clifford of 30 Sunset Road Denmark Hill London died 17 March 1938 on the way to Kings College Hospital Denmark Hill Probate London 26 April 1938 to Lilian Mary Hope Wharton widow. Effects £1523 5s. 7d. Resworn £1608 6s. 11d.

WHARTON Dina Marie of 116 Victor Street Sunderland (wife of Alfred Ernest Wharton) died 27 August 1909 Administration Durham 2 August 1938 to Florence Jane Wharton widow and Rebecca Gillespie spinster. Effects £69 1s.

WHARTON Ernest Emmanuel of 2350 Calle Arribenos Belgrano Buenos Aires Argentine died 28 November 1937 at 2186 Freyre Buenos Aires Administration (limited) London 30 August 1938 to Ethel Baker widow and Guendolen Wharton spinster attorneys of Christina Wharton widow. Effects £500 in England.

WHARTON Fanny Irene of 91 Somerset Street Kingston-upon-Hull (wife of George Hardy Wharton) died 7 March 1938 at Cottingham Yorkshire Administration York 2 April 1938 to the said George Hardy Wharton coal merchant. Effects £159 3s. 4d.

WHARTON Florence Ada of the Bungalow Tackley Oxfordshire widow died 8 January 1938 at Littlemore Oxfordshire Probate Oxford 24 February 1938 to Emily Warner spinster and Stanley Henman town clerk. Effects £1665 12s. 6d.

WHARTON Florence Jane of 17 Marchmont Road Wallington Surrey widow died 15 July 1938 at War Memorial Hospital Carshalton Surrey Probate London 22 August 1938 to Charles Edward Norman commercial clerk. Effects £2311 8s. 5d.

WHARTON O.B.E. Frederick Percival of 18 Oakmount Avenue Southampton died 21 April 1938 Probate Winchester 1 June 1938 to Guendolen Wharton spinster. Effects £3393 8s. 8d.

WHARTON James of Hartley Westmorland died 7 January 1938 Administration Carlisle 1 April 1938 to Anthony Wharton and William John Wharton farm workers. Effects £533 6s. 3d.

WHARTON John of 9 Fair View Dalton-in-Furness Lancashire died 2 June 1938 Probate Lancaster 4 July 1938 to William Wharton and Maurice Wharton draughtsmen. Effects £1999 3s.

WHARTON John Edward of Ivanhoe Thrybergh near Rotherham Yorkshire died 8 May 1938 at Claremont Nursing Home 15 Claremont Place Sheffield Administration Wake?eld 6 July 1938 to the Yorkshire Penny Bank Limited. Effects £188 18s. 10d.

WHARTON Joseph of the Plough Inn Hoylake Road Moreton Cheshire died 9 February 1938 Probate Liverpool 10 March 1938 to Rosa Emily Wharton widow. Effects £1312 14s. 4d.

WHARTON Mary of 8 Montpelier Avenue Queens Drive Norbreck Blackpool spinster died 31 August 1938 Probate Manchester 2 December 1938 to John Wharton eye specialist and Walter Wharton Tong brewer. Effects £1460 18s.

WHARTON Mary Sybil of 18 Gardnor Mansions Church Row Hampstead London widow died 30 June 1938 Probate London 20 October 1938 to Sybil Margaret Lucy Wharton spinster Owen Fortrie Parker retired mining engineer and Arthur Frederick Budd Welch retired solicitor. Effects £12453 5s. 6d.

WHARTON Ralph John of 16 Bavent Road Camberwell London SE5 died 17 January 1938 Administration London 15 February 1938 to Margaret Mary Wharton spinster. Effects £186 7s. 9d.

WHARTON Sarah Ann of Mell Fell View Graham Street Penrith Cumberland widow died 20 November 1937 Probate Carlisle 18 March 1938 to John William Smith local government officer Edith Annie Mary Wharton and Ivy Bell Wharton spinsters. Effects £1348 2s. 8d.

WHARTON Thomas of The Post Office Priest Hutton near Carnforth Lancashire died 9 December 1937 Administration Lancaster 12 January 1938 to Margaret Ireland widow. Effects £173 13s. 3d.

WHARTON Thomas of 18 Grange Road Chorlton-cum-Hardy Manchester died 18 January 1938 Probate London 9 February 1938 to Alfred Wharton costing clerk and Albert Harrison Whittaker company secretary. Effects £488 6s. 11d.

WHARTON Thomas of Mulbarton Norfolk died 20 October 1937 at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital Norwich Probate Norwich 9 February 1938 to Robert James Wharton labourer. Effects £370.

WHARTON Thomas of 14 Aire Street Brow Haworth Keighley Yorkshire died 22 April 1938 Administration London 18 July 1938 to Helen Wharton widow. Effects £207 17s. 6d.

WHARTON Walter of Wellgrove Farm Weston Longville Norfolk died 8 September 1938 Probate Norwich 31 October 1938 to Aubrey Aston Balke solicitor Frederick Wharton Rant farmer and Mabel Wharton Cunningham widow. Effects £4432 6s. 5d.

WHARTON Walter Edward of 23 Oak Hill Finch?eld Wolverhampton died 23 February 1938 at the County Mental Hospital Stafford Staffordshire Administration Birmingham 6 May 1938 to Violet Rebecca Wharton widow. Effects £532 10s. 8d.

WHARTON William Meredith of 90 Marple Road Offerton Stockport Cheshire died 21 May 1938 Probate Manchester 7 July 1938 to Alice Winifred Wharton widow. Effects £333 7s. 9d.

1939 Entries

WHARTON Alfred of Street Farm Mendham Suffolk died 25 July 1939 Probate Norwich 29 September 1939 to Alfred Henry Wharton farmer. Effects £2272 19s.

WHARTON Alice of White House Farm Stockton Road Stokesley Yorkshire died 25 April 1939 Probate London 1 September 1939 to John Thomas Taylor Watson retired collector of taxes and Alan Hart Watson collector of taxes. Effects £1641 11s. 7d.

WHARTON Blanche of 78 Preston Street Faversham Kant widow died 10 November 1938 Administration London 29 June 1939 to Elizabeth Kate Farmer spinster. Effects £220 5s.

WHARTON Cathrine of Church House Farm Samlesbury Preston Lancashire widow died 17 February 1939 Probate London 28 March 1939 to Charles Wharton paper packer and Grace Gorton (wife of William Gorton.) Effects £1377 10s. 9d.

WHARTON Dorothy Muriel of Oakleigh 17 Vicarage Road Egham Surrey (wife of Ernest Newland Wharton) died 2 January 1939 Administration London 11 February 1939 to the said Ernest Newland Wharton surveyor. Effects £644 12s. 7d.

WHARTON Edith Grace of 173 High Street Wealdstone Middlesex (wife of William Alfred Wharton) died 23 April 1938 Administration London 22 May 1939 to the said William Alfred Wharton retired solicitors clerk. Effects £495.

WHARTON Elizabeth of The Wood Mulbarton Norfolk widow died 16 April 1939 Probate Norwich 6 May 1939 to John Henry Wharton haulage contractor and Reginald Edward Wharton gardener. Effects £148.

WHARTON Ellen of 8 Cambrian Road Chester widow died 6 May 1939 Administration Chester 26 May 1939 to Hilda Annie Wharton spinster. Effects £242 14s. 11d.

WHARTON Ellen Maria of 9 Walthew Green Roby Mill Upholland Lancashire widow died 27 July 1939 at 154 Upholland Road Billinge and Winstanley Lancashire Administration Manchester 23 August 1939 to Percy Charles Wharton ring spinning overlooker. Effects £164 11s. 3d.

WHARTON Emma of 17 Trafalgar Road Ilkley Yorkshire spinster died 29 March 1939 Probate London 2 May 1939 to Joseph Arnold Darnbrough retired insurance agent and Donald Arthur Worsman Wharton jobbing gardener. Effects £432 11s. 11d.

WHARTON Frank of 7 Thompson Street Langley Mill Derbyshire died 19 March 1939 at the Royal Infirmary Derby Administration (with Will) London 3 June 1939 to Edith Wharton widow. Effects £1875 16s. 4d.

WHARTON Frederick Charles of Ilorin Nigeria died 5 May 1939 at Ibadan Nigeria Administration London 26 October 1939 to Eliza Wharton widow and Gladys Ingham (wife of Norman Ingham). Effects £1360 16s. 3d. in England.

WHARTON George Henry Lawrence of Stillington Hall Stillington Yorkshire died 19 February 1939 Probate Wakefield 28 April 1939 to Midland Bank Executor and Trustee Company Limited. Effects £5646 7s. 1d.

WHARTON Gladys May of The Willows Narrow Lane Blackheath Staffordshire (wife of Walter Wharton) died 22 June 1939 at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Probate Birmingham 5 August 1939 to the said Walter Wharton engineer. Effects £346 14s. 1d.

WHARTON James of 25 Rowland Street Royston near Barnsley Yorkshire died 19 July 1939 Administration Wake?eld 10 August 1939 to Jonas Wharton miner. Effects £135 14s. 1d.

WHARTON James of 55 Empress Road Wrexham Denbighshire died 13 September 1939 Administration Chester 28 November 1939 to Joseph Wharton engine driver. Effects £495 18s. 8d.

WHARTON John Wilson of Keisley Dufton Westmorland died 18 August 1939 Probate Carlisle 3 November 1939 to Richard Cunningham Wharton and John Wilson Wharton farmers. Effects £3006 10s.

WHARTON Louisa of Boston Lincolnshire (wife of Arthur Henry Wharton) died 10 April 1939 Probate Lincoln 22 June 1939 to Elsie Sarah Wharton and Beatrice May Wharton spinsters. Effects £850 0s. ld.

WHARTON Mary Ann of 29 Craigton Road Eltham London S.E.9 (wife of William Murray Wharton) died 11 September 1939 Probate London 6 October 1939 to the said William Murray Wharton retired engineer. Effects £604 4s. 1d.

WHARTON Mary Jane of Loddon Hall Loddon Norfolk (wife of Albert Wharton) died 18 December 1938 Probate London 20 January 1939 to the said Albert Wharton retired farmer. Effects £471 6s. 1d.

WHARTON Olive of Gatehouse Hawes Yorkshire (wife of Thomas Hayes Wharton) died 13 July 1939 Probate London 26 September 1939 to the said Thomas Hayes Wharton poultry farmer and Winifred Fletcher spinster. Effects £1864 19s. 9d.


WHARTON Robert Martin of 16 Woodford Gardens Didsbury Manchester died 22 June 1939 at 20 Nell Lane Didsbury Administration Manchester 2 November 1939 to Sarah Isabella Wharton widow. Effects £Nil.

WHARTON Theresa of 8 Solway Street Lodge Lane Liverpool widow died 14 January 1939 Probate Liverpool 28 January 1939 to William Albert Johnston cinema manager. Effects £238 13s. 1d.

WHARTON William of Kiln Cottages Fourstones Northumberland died 15 August 1938 Administration London 27 February 1939 to William Wharton motor engineer. Effects £252 18s. 9d.

WHARTON William Henry Anthony of Skelton Castle Skelton-in-Cleveland Yorkshire died 12 December 1938 Probate London 28 June 1939 to Margaret Winsome Ringrose (wife of Christopher Hildyard Ringrose) Henry Reginald Cooke of no occupation and Sir Murrough John Wilson K.B.E. Effects £1169684 16s. 2d.