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This website is dedicated to my research into the family name of WHARTON. I will be focusing on all instances of the name in historical records and will be analysing Wharton links in other countries to find out the history of this name. Please note that I am taking a break from researching and not currently updating this website. I will leave the website open but please take care when reading or taking notes for information entered because I have not fact checked every entry because a majority of the entries have been uploaded from the census database.

Click here for further information on how I am doing my research and the rules of research I follow.

I have just introduced a new UK Resources Index where I will be uploading transcripts of various databases such as Baptisms, Burials and Marriages of Wharton's. So far I have uploaded some from Westmorland and more will be added shortly. Also recently added are Probate Transcriptions.

I have started adding various families to the main database, please be aware whilst I am uploading the census data that there will be gaps in alot of the family histories and the "wives" will not have their maiden names. This will rectify as I add more databases.

If you are interested in helping me gather data for this One Name Study then please do let me know - at the moment it is just myself doing the research so it would be nice to have some volunteers to assist.

How You Can Help
The idea of this website is to create a resource for all people interested in finding their Wharton ancestry and to build up accurate data and family trees of the name Wharton from all over the world. If you have researched the name Wharton and have data that you can provide please write to me at wharton@one-name.org and I can review the data and submit it to this collection. It would also be of great assistance if you could send me copies of any registration certificates you have (see below) as this can be costly and will save me money if I need to order any for verification purposes.

Registration Certificates
If you have birth, death or marriage certificates that you have ordered in your own research I would be grateful if you could send me copies so I can add them here. If you would like to donate copies of your certificates please email them to wharton@one-name.org

An important part of Genealogy is providing sources with the data that you collect, so if you send me anything please provide as much information about where got the information from.

I have also now created a community group for all Wharton Researchers on Facebook where you can post questions and discuss research with others. To join visit the below:


Contact Us

email imageIf you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.